June Prayer and Briefing Tuesday, June 2nd

Prayer Alert May 31, 2020
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Put it on your calendar. Invite your friends. Our Prayer and Briefing session is Tuesday, June 2nd and we have a lot to pray about!  We will come together and seek the Lord, share updates and intel for prayer, as well as connect with other believers and leaders in the prayer movement.

June Prayer and Briefing webcast hosted by One Voice Prayer Movement
Tuesday, June 2, 12:00 p.m. ET
Or dial 712-775-7431 with code 2452# or 712-775-7430 with no code, to participate by conference call.

We look forward to praying together!

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heavenly Father we repent as a nation. We cry out to you oh Lord in this hour of great need. We pray for our President Trump and his council to here from you Lord in what to do now. We ask for righteousness to provale in our nation your nation, father. Send your Mighty angels to come and stop this destruction of our peoples businesses, father. And restore peace and love in our land. This is your land and light to the world. I pray in the name above all names JESUS the Savior of man kind. Help us. Amen

Gigi Mcbride, Foley, AL

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Psalms 91 over our Nation, our President and our Leaders....our White House and our houses!! God bles IsRael! God bless the USA!

Paula, Alpena

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Father you are aware of what is going on here, I pray for wisdom for our leaders, give President Trump and AG Barr wisdom as they navigate this crisis. Bring the counsel of those supporting rioting and anarchy to nothing, sew discord in their ranks. Expose their agenda and bring it down. Use this situation to bring unity against lawlessness, to accomplish Your will. In Jesus name

Cindy Mooney, Natural Dam, Arkansas

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Heavenly Father, bless your Holy Name, let us lift you high and give you the highest Praise , Hallelujah, let us as your People who are called by your Name, REPENT, examine our hearts, and cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness! For if we claim to know you and are no different from the world in sin and apathy towards the disciplines of living out our Christian life, prayer and time to hear you speak to our hearts, reading and putting to memory scripture to help us live right, good works that prove our love for you, there is no evidence that what we say is true....we shame your Name!! So forgive me Lord!! Help me get my priorities in order....cleanse my heart of apathy, give me a desire to pray and win the lost, spend time with you, turn off the latest news, and hear your voice as your Holy Spirit draws me....Help me speak the truth boldly, in love, when prompted. every chance I get. Help me to live out my faith!! Change in your church begins with ME!! So Lord, I repent! Help me to love you more and my life less. Bless and protect our President, Donald Trump...his wife, Melania, his sons and daughters, Grandchildren, Vice President Pence and his wife and family. I pray a hedge of protection and provision around them. Give them wisdom to carry out your will, your ways, and your Word in these last days. Also, I pray and bless Israel, our greatest ally, your heart, Lord, and her leaders, that your will be done for her and our beloved United States of America and her leaders and Government. I bind principalities and powers and evil things in high places and Bring down strongholds and demolish the plans of evil in every city! Help us, Lord, I call out to you for healing and salvation, starting with the church, in Jesus name, thank you Lord God, Amen!!!🙌

Luylla J Claar, Ronan, MT

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Father in Heaven, Have mercy on us. Let Your Spirit of Truth abide upon the USA. Let everyone see who is perpetrating the violence in our nation. Let us stand together in unity against this evil. Destroy the lies and let the truth rule. Let us stand together against this corruption of violence and lies that they are flooding our country with. I apply the cross and the blood of Jesus to all the evil satan is vomiting out. In Jesus Name Amen.

Lori Carden, Arizona

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Father in Heaven, We thank you for bringing the darkness into the Light. You are here, ready to make a move, a change, a breakthrough. Help to prepare our hearts and minds. Help us to reach out to heal through love, grace and your Spirit. We can do NOTHING without You. As You have prepared this time of awakening, let bridges be built, where there was no way to cross. Let there be support, where there was no help. Let there be clarity, where there was confusion. Let there be LIGHT, where there was only darkness. AND EVEN IF we area accosted, slandered, attacked, ridiculed or worse, for standing for Truth and Love, let us count it all joy to partake in Your sufferings, oh Lord. When they spit on You, hit you, broke your skin and bones, and worse, You never cursed them. Let us follow the Path that You have shown us! Help us to LEAN IN to LOVE, and not back away to self-protect. Let Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen

Bobbi Halverson, Cook/Lake Vermillion, MN

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I was praying about tomorrow’s prayer and briefing and God gave me Psalm 144. I am standing on Psalm 144!

Sharon, Virginia

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Dear Father, Thank you for the life of George Floyd. I bless his family with love and peace. May his senseless killing not be in vain. Use it as a catalyst to bring God fearing people of all races together in You. In the powerful Name of Jesus. We honor You holy God. Bless Your Holy Name.

Karen Lester, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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Continue to pray for America, and many friends in other countries during this pandemic and all the lockdown's. Continue to Stand on this promise from Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.

Birdie Stringfellow, Georgia

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Heavenly Father, I know You love us! The blessings You have given us! Thank You! You even came down to Earth as a man and took a severe beating unto death for us just so we could live forever. Thank You! We need your help once again. Our world has been turned upside down. Everyone is fighting with everyone else. No one is listening. Quiet our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Renew us. Give us wisdom and discernment to do what’s right, and let the glory be Yours. Help us to pause and take notice. Let Thy will be done. In Jesus name, Amen.

virginia blakeman, Cambridge Ohio

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Father, this Pentcost season is Your releasing season of Your ecclesia in the resurrection power of Christ along with new angelic hosts to thwart the enemy's attack and bring forth Your righteous rule in this nation. Send forth an army in Your people and angels in intercession and worship - Your atmosphere changers - on earth as it is in heaven! I pray our President, Congress, Supreme Court and every leader in government, educational systems, media, commerce, family, religion, arts and entertainment would be covered with Your blood and hovered over by Holy Spirit and come together under the headship of Jesus Christ and Your anointed leaders. Pour out Your Spirit of Truth against the enemy's lies and fill us with the love of Christ against those who have been trapped in the enemy's deception. I call forth Your righteousness, joy and peace to fill our hearts and ask for the strategies of heaven to overwhelm all darkness' advances. Righteousness exalts the United States of America.

Scott Robson, TX

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Jesus, You said that the things you did we also will do, and even greater things because you go to the Father. So in the mighty Name of Jesus, I apply your cleansing blood to my sins, the sins of my city of Dallas, to my state of Texas, and to America; and I ask that you bring an end to racism, an end to this violence, and end to the CCP virus, and an end to abortion and send revival to Dallas, to Texas, and to America. Come your kingdom, COME! Heal our land, O God, heal our land.

Michael Peterson, Indiana

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Father We pray for President Trump, William Barr, Christofer Wrey, all Governor’s, Mayors, Home Land security to recieve Divine Wisdom and Courage to stop the Looters, Anarchists and Terrorists Now in Jesus Name!

Lord God - we lift our nation and our citizens up to you. We have sinned against you. We have forsaken you and gone our own way. We have left our first love. We repent for those sins and stand in the gap for those who do not realize what they have done or are doing. We pay for those who do not know you to fall under the loving conviction of your spirit. Renew in us a burning hunger for you Lord and your ways. We pray that the light of your truth would expose and reveal the sin that beset us. We pray that your light Lord would expose the layers of darkness that is blistering our nation. We ask for a actual and true justice to expose those behind the evil that has laid seige to our nation and so many people. Give our leaders wisdom, discernment and knowledge to address and deal with these situations. Give them the courage to do whatever is necessary to restore the rule of law and respect for authority. May those who are deceptively and deviously working against the rule of law be completely exposed. Most of all Lord God we ask that your peace would manifest itself over all of our nation starting this minute. We ask ALL of these needs in your precious name. Amen.

Rhonda, Alabama

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Almighty Father God in Jesus Name We plead the blood of Jesus over the USA & Ask Wisdom Upon your people to Seek You & Find You & Know Your Love & All People in Our Cities. States. Regions; to Choose Peace and Walk in Neighborly Love Instead of evil. Help Deceptive Reasonings be Broke Off & Violence to cease. Protect the innocent and CALM the Storm of faithlessness...HELP Your Hope & Faith to Return to the Broken and Lost. Return Us All to Godly Integrity and Help us All no matter the race, economic status or political ideas too Chose LOVE & Gratitude for Our United States of America. Halt the lying spirits and Deception from satan and Set Captives free to Seek, Find and Walk in Godly Truths Again.All Glory2GOD We Welcome You Holy Spirit. Lead us.

Beverly Cunningham, California

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Father God we bring our nation to You. We ask for Your mercies on America every state new every morning great is Your faithfulness. Open the churches today Lord in every state. Take off every restriction so your body can worship You. We ask for forgiveness of our sins. We humble ourselves before You. We worship You and praise Your name. We declare that no weapon formed against America will prosper for her righteousness is of the Lord and everything she does will prosper. Revive America o Lord! Breathe life into every aspect of our nation and economy. America will be saved. Help our president.Protect him.Give him wisdom and surround him with wise and accurate council. We trust in You in Jesus’ name amen.

Kristin, Alabama

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Lord, we thank you for your goodness. Although evil abounds, we know Lord that you are VICTORIOUS. We lean on you Lord and we ask that our nation awaken to the true call of our faith. Lord, we believe you are moving on behalf of your people. Thank you Lord for the way our President and Vice President have stood for you in our nation. Continue to protect and give wisdom. We thank you even now for sending your angel armies. Praise you that Gods name will prevail and evil will be exposed and taken down. We ask for any dark agenda spoken in darkness to be brought to light immediately. Thank you that you will shut the mouth of the lion and cause the enemy to speak on Gods behalf with words they themselves never intended to say. May they be shocked at themselves as your words roll out of their mouths. Thank you Lord, for we say with you, Let My People Go!!! Praise you Jesus. Amen

Regina, Red Lion, Pa

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Lord, be with the leaders of this prayer call and grant wisdom and strategies and unity of hearts, minds, and strength. Grant us grace Lord in these coming days and quell the agendas of the evil on and those he incites. Loose from heaven your warriors, your protectors and ministering angels to all who need them. Not just here Lord, but throughout the earth.

Rev. Queen Beatrice, Massachusetts

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Father God, we come before You, Christ Jesus, and Holy Spirit and we profess Your written Word, knowing that Christ Jesus has already defeated Satan and his demons of hell. Therefore, we refuse to become fearful or intimidated when they come against us. We will continue to walk in Your faith, and victory in every circumstance. We will overcome Satan and his demons by the Blood of the Lamb Jesus, and the word of our testimony in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen! So let it be! Praise God! 🙏! RQB!

Cooka Shaw, Williamsburg, Va

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Dear Lord Jesu, Forgive is for how far we have strayed from You. Draw us back, have mercy on us as individuals & as a nation! May we go out of our way to reach across racial divide & show love. In the powerful name of Jesus I pray, Amen

Cathy Iffert, Minneapolis MN

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Father God, please help our police, National guard defeat whatever evil is attacking our cities in the name of protest on behalf of George Floyd. The rioters have used his death as an excuse to cause this destruction. Father God please defeat this evil and let their defeat be to Your glory.

Amen to previous prayer! Songs come to mind: In the Lord, the Lord alone are righteousness and strength; The height and breadth and length Of love is found in Him In the Lord, The Lord alone Are LIFE AND HEALTH AND PEACE - In the Lord, in THE LORD ALONE. In the Lord, the Lord alone...His mercies and His loving- Kindness never cease...In the Lord...Is everything I need... The Son of Man now reigning High will intercede... in the Lord, IN THE LORD ALONE and RISE UP, OH MEN OF GOD! BE DONE WITH LESSER THINGS GIVE HEART AND SOUL AND MIND AND STRENGTH TO SERVE THE KING OF KINGS. Rise up O men of God, His Kingdom tarries long, Bring in the day of brotherhood, And end the night of wrong. Rise up the Lord is calling - Rise up! this is the day! Rise up and seize the moment - Rise up O men of faith! Rise up, O men of God! -The church for you doth wait, Her strength unequal to her task; -Rise up and make her great! Lift high the Cross of Christ, Tread where His feet have trod, As brothers of the Son of Man, Rise up O men of God. RISE UP, THE LORD IS CALLING! RISE UP, THIS IS THE DAY! RISE UP & SEIZE THE MOEMENT - RISE UP, O MEN OF FAITH!

Sheilah, NC

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Lord, we ask you to stir up the Body of Christ to participate in the June 2 Prayer and Briefing session. Open the eyes of Your Church to realize that we are the only restraint against the forces of darkness in the earth. Cause us to roar the prayers that will prevail over the darkness in our nation. Give our leadership the wisdom, strength, guidance and favor to unfold your divine strategies and plans to overcome. You have told us the gates of hell will not prevail against Your Church so cause us to be that mighty force, to perfect Your will. Bring triump over Your enemies and put them to shame. We praise You for Your goodness and mercy over America. Amen.m

debbie, FL

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I pray for unity and solidarity for our country, that God will be merciful and gracious.

SMBowles, NC

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Abba prepare OneVoice leaders and participants for unity in prayer as our nation exits one attack and has entered another, as the enemies of peace and justice step forward yet again with ferociousness and mindsets to kill steal and destroy. May You Abba bring together OneVoice with the roar of the Lion of Judah, not by might not by power BUT any my spirit says The Lord. That we as OneVoice will understand the hour and what to do. That we shall lift up our voices to YOU, that YOU will interrupt the madness, divinely quashing the plans of the enemy against Your people and Your plans and purposes in this post Pentecost era Father! That through Your Spirit and Your Word merging we become that end time army bringing the issues before You and Your mighty Holy Spirit bringing the wisdom, the strategies, the plans to our President, Vice President and all members of the cabinet and staff as well as all branches of our government. But Abba it starts with a praying people... bring that people together sir we ask in Jesus’s name and empower these leaders each one over this group to make us an HONORABLE ONE PIECE MANY HANDLED VESSEL in this time to pour out Your Word and Your ways across this smoldering nation - smoldering from explosive anger but also smoldering from the fire of Pentecost! AMEN AND AMEN

Diane, Rt. next to Abba in heaven

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John Nye, Mt. Juliet TN

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For this time of insanity we live and the all that are going on. That we as Christians would be safe and that we would be excitedly aware that our Massiah 's return is very near.

Cassandra, South Carolina

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Lord, I pray Psalm 33:12, blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. We pray that our leaders God be the Lord, we pray that the citizens God be the Lord. I pray that God is restored in each state, city, county and municipal area. We can not fix our brokeness.