Prayer Alert July 28, 2020
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“If schools do not reopen the funding should go to parents,” declared President Trump in a recent appearance. According to the White House, “under the President’s vision, students and parents will also be offered support to allow them to choose the school options that are best for them.” Getting kids back in school, finding workable safe solutions for classrooms, and providing the services that taxpayer-funded public schools promise is critical at this time. Both Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the President have made statements indicating that funding should follow the family if schools are not providing the education students are “promised.” Is that a foot in the door for the introduction for parent choice for education?

Google research indicates that searches for “homeschool” has increased to its highest level in 5 years. More parents are considering alternatives to public school–especially for those school systems who are in disarray with their plans. Pray for families who are considering private school and homeschooling for the first time. Pray as the nation’s school systems and colleges determine plans for educating students this fall.

For more information about how the President is approaching this issue, visit this recent statement at

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Harry Brewer, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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I agree and believe with these prayers. In Jesus' Name, so be it.

Karen- Meanor, 1427 fifth St. Natrona Heights, PA. 15065

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I pray for God's peace to be with Parents, the children, teachers, and school officel's, working out God's will in this matter !!!

Kathy Emahiser, Prince George, VA 23875

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Heavenly Father, you said in Proverbs 22:6 to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. In today's time, we are seeing less and less biblical training in our children, starting at home and spilling over into the school system. It is your desire that children learn about you in all aspects of life including the educational system. In today's time everything but you are being taught which, I believe has opened the door to Satan to promote his agenda and poison in the minds of our children. Father, we pray that you will be invited back into our school system and biblical courses will be taught starting from grade school. It appears that the current secular educational system has too many flaws. If parents want to send their children to private schools that teach about you as a part of the curriculum as well as home school teachers, please open the door financially to make this happen. I thank you for giving our leaders wisdom and guidance regarding what steps to take to ensure that our children get a well-rounded education. In Jesus Name, Amen

Dorothy C, FL

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Father God, If this pandemic has taught us anything, let us realize how far we have turned away from You. For too long our public schools are anti-God. Including curriculum which teaches evolution and excludes creationism. Some states require the history and contribution of gays in America, while other states are pushing transgender curriculum. The violence in our schools cause metal detectors and police patrolling. Lord, how can You be honored in this? And yet we know that nothing is too hard for You! We thank You that this administration is beginning to turn things around. Prayer is now allowed on school property. May this be just the beginning Lord. Please make a way when it looks like there is no way for changes in our schools. Nothing is too hard for You! Our help comes from the LORD Who made heaven and earth!! Amen

Diana N, Calistoga CA

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Father, so many parents have believed and wanted this choice for so long. We pray this is Your open door for our continued freedoms in America, and that the money will go to the parents choice. We pray for quick but wise resolution to make this happen for the upcoming school year. Thank You for your answers. IJN Amen

Carol Wright, Tulsa ok 74131

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The kingdoms of darkness will be brought I to lite andthe will of Lord will manifest in a greater way. They will have an education controlled by the Lord.

Cynthia, New Jersey

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Father God: In Jesus' name, thank You that You rule and reign. Thank You that students shall be able to retur to school for the omst part in September. Let school distrits determine the reopening and moving forth of education based on the accurate information. May learning ontinue in whatever type of environment is suitable, which may be in-person (if Covid cases are low) learning, or hybrid or majority homeschooling option (if cases are high). Please give school districts the wisdom to make the best choice, so momentum and learning proceed. Let schools prepare all-online digital curriculum and give families the option deciding on student return or not. May fear and hindrances stop in Jesus' name. May all funding be rightly applied as President Trump is recommending. Thank You in all O Lord God. Amen

Linda, Indianapolis

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Yes, we agree that school funding go to parents to choose the school education for their children if their schools don’t reopen this fall. May the schools that are harmful to children never open again as they are. Change them to be righteous or may they stay shutdown. Start new affordable creative righteous school alternatives for parents to choose from. In Jesus Name!


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I prayed to the Only Wise God to give wisdom to all who call upon His Name in faith. To help parents to make wise decisions, to school officials to make wise decisions. To the government to see ways to keep children and teachers safe and healthy using the wisdom of God. In Jesus Name, amen

Pastor Karen Lester, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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For all parents to have the freedom of choice for how they want their children educated is a welcome liberty to have returned to them. We pray that there will be unbiased support for this, and a return of all those liberties that have been usurped during this pandemic will be affirmed and never ever in jeopardy again. Amen and Amen

Nancy Martinez, Tampa, Fl

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For parents to have the freedom to be able choose how they want their children educated, and if they choose private or home schooling, that they get their taxes returned to them in the form of a voucher to help pay for their choice.

Christina, Brooklyn

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Our beloved King Jesus.....we bring all the children to you for they and their parents are in need of You Lord.....we are praying for an open door of your ways an your paths for all of these......Holy Spirit we pray you will hover over this chaos and darkness and that in your mercy and grace you will bring such light and order that it would be the very best thing that has happened in 2020.....Father you are a good good Father and we thank you for hearing our prayers ....that you would send you angels on assignments for all of these families.....for nothing is impossible for you....we give you thanks... Amen.

Ginger Keating, FL

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i decree in King Jesus Name that there be a shift in the education leaders, systems, institutions in the USA and we are being FILLED with KINGDOM of God VALUES, WISDOM CONVICTION and TRUTH. We thank You for this Dear Father!!!!!

Kurt Klemm, WI

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Heavenly Father, You know the end from the beginning. I pray You rescue our children from deceit and sin that is taught in our public and some private schools and bring about change that allows truth and righteousness to be taught and learned throughout our school systems. Let the system of lies collapse and be replaced with the history, morality and values that is the rule in your Word. Let your will be done for the sake of our children, families, nation, and world. Thank You Lord. Amen and amen. Kurt

Jim McCall, Arizona

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Father I pray your will be done for school choices for our country. If schools do reopen I pray the LBGT agenda and transgender agenda will be stopped and your instruction on sexuality and marriage will be upheld. I also ask for christian prayers to be returned to our schools. Please help all parents to be able to make good Godly decisions for their children. Pray everything not of You and from you would be stopped in Jesus name.

Catherine, WA

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Father God, I pray that during this time of indecision regarding the start of school that Your churches would step up and be a free place where parents, who need to go back to work, especially low income, can leave their children during the week to receive love, lunch, educational assistance, and an introduction to God. I ask that this be an opportunity to break the chains of powerful unions that have taken away parental rights and and funds and that righteous leaders will rise up to help create new ways to do public school that benefits children and parents. In Jesus Name we pray and ask it. Amen

Laura Dorsey, California

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Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving each parent your wisdom for their child. Lord you knitted each one according to your purpose and plan. Show the parents the way each child learns. I declare that the doorway be open to fund each student. The funds was created for the students. Remind people what the initial focus was about “the child”. Lord I speak grace, patience, endurance, strength and fun into each family. Thank for the wisdom and insight that you continually pour out upon President Trump and his administration. Blessings upon each family who are embarking on this journey of homeschooling and alternatives to public education. Lord I speak open hearts and minds to your wisdom over the administrations at the colleges and universities. You are the righteous judge and we appeal to Heaven on behalf of our children’s education and what is rightfully theirs to have. In Jesus Name

Christine Martha, IL

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Father, we pray that parents across the nation would seek you earnestly as they make decisions about their children's education this fall. You said that your sheep hear your voice, so we pray they would hear you on this. We pray for those who control the money of education, to direct school funds to the families of the students in their districts, and that parents would demand to be able to choose how their children are educated. Bring your order out of this chaotic situation, Lord, and turn what the enemy meant for evil into good! In Jesus' name!

Betty Bitgood, Tucson, AZ

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Father, give parents with school-age children, wisdom and discernment as to how their child shall be trained. Provide the finances needed for the enducation model that you show them for their familly. Give those parents You have chosen to homeschool the courage to follow through and give them the wisdom needed to choose the curriculum that fits their family. OUR CHILDREN WILL BE TRAINED UP IN THE WAY THAT THEY SHOULD GO!

Claire Taylor, Joppa, MD

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Lord Jesus, give parents Your wisdom in determining schooling for their children, show them innovative ways to teach their children Your truth, American history, phonics, math, writing, etc. Give parents patience as they become teachers so this next generation will follow Your ways Jesus and not the way of this world. Open the doors for educational choice and destroy the lies that are being taught in all schools and universities. We thank You Jesus that Your Word is truth - May we learn and desire it. In the Mighty Name of Jesus- Amen ✝️🙏🏻

Sue, California

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Dear Father God, You have all the wisdom and justice! I pray that you would bring to light the evil schemes of the teacher’s unions that are keeping our schools closed. Lord, education in schools used to be a safe haven for children; I pray that it would be so again! Father, bless your beautiful children who are suffering with depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, and fear. I also pray for those children who are confused about who you have made them to be. I pray that Godly people would be placed in their lives to speak your truth to them: that you are their Heavenly Father who loves them and will guide them and protect them. Lord, I pray in Jesus’ precious name-Amen!

Peg Buscher, Bondurant, Ia

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Heavenly Father we approach Your throne and acknowledge Your divine being. We are ever grateful for Your love and counsel, Thank You! We know that true wisdom is found in You alone, so we come to You without delay. We pray that each family and child involved would receive Your true teaching. If that can only be achieved through Home Schooling, then let funding, timelines and all other variables align in accordance with Your will. If schools open, we ask specifically that Christ led administration, teachers, counselors, staff, community leaders and school board members would seek YOUR will daily. You formed these most precious children, so let the prayers of Your people be fervent, persistent and effectual for a time such as this. Dismantle and confound the evil one within our grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, set Your hedge of protection around them. Higher education begins with humility, love and reverence to You. Holy Spirit remind us of Psalm 30:10 "Hear, O LORD, and be gracious to me! O LORD, be thou my helper!" Our hope is in You and You give us our daily bread faithfully. We submit to Your will and we thereby glorify Your name. All honor and glory is Yours now and forevermore. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Sharon Miller, FL

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Father God, I rebuke the spirit of fear that has entered the minds of teachers and parents for the opening of schools-fear of COVID-19. I pray for parents to make wise decisions if they opt for homeschooling or a private school. Father, if a specified public school does not open where a child was designated to go, and the parents have to go to homeschooling or private school, then I would say they would need to be reimbursed by the government, in the name of Jesus! Father, Your will be done. Lead, guide, and direct the school boards, teachers, parents, governors, and all those involved making the decisions, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Rev. Queen Beatrice, Massachusetts

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Abba, Father, we continue to stand on Your Word (1 John 5: 14-15). Thank You for our petitions regarding the reopening America and especially our children going back to school the norm! We know, that we know, that You have have heard our prayers according to Your Word and we believe in Your faith You are fighting these spiritual warfare for us in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! We say thank You Father, thank You Lord Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit! America belongs to Jesus! Amen! So let it be! 🙏❤😀! RQB!

Sharon, VA

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Dear Father, I pray for the children. Keep them safe. Teach them Your truth. Give the parents option about where to educate their children. Depose evil people in education. I ask for righteousness in a Governor for Virginia.

Barbara, Virginia

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We need God fearing, God loving men and women to step up and take their places on school boards and city councils. Now that we know for sure how evil prospers when good people do nothing, pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and direction in how to make changes for the good of the children for His glory. Amen.

Caroleanne Phillips, Middletown, Md.

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Most high God and great loving Father, We bow our knees before you in a great need. We need to hear from heaven concerning the children of our nation. The thinking and reasoning of human minds has proven itself insufficient. There are too many variables to consider to come to a consensus. We have studied numbers and statistics and have tried to form a plan. And still, we come up short of anything that sounds good. Be merciful to us, Father. Be most merciful to our children across this nation! Plant in the minds of our leaders what you know is good. Making a decision for one or two or a dozen children is not the same as making a decision for an entire nation. But you know the names of every child! And your love for each one of those children is not compromised by our situation. Let your love abound! Let your wisdom come..... On earth as it is in heaven.

Mary Nadwodny, VA

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Father, we desperately need supernatural intervention in this nation. If the church doesn’t go to the poles we risk being turned into Venezuela and will have bigger problems then schools. God, help us. By your Spirit motivate your church. May they vote biblical values. You said Trump would have two terms. He was put in office to turn this nation back to God and he’s not finished yet. Two terms depends on the church. We are desperate for you. Help us God. Amen

Dahlia Tapper, Michigan

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Thank you Father for the United States of America 🇺🇸 Thank you for our children. I come to you in the name of Jesus and decree law and order will prevail, Godly leaders will rise up with strategies for opening up the schools in America. Our children will not suffer from the tyranny at hand. Amen !

Father God we speak to this mountain of education..You say if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can say to this mountain to move! So we say move...we pray for Betsy, we pray for all schools, we pray for the parents..I also lift our children Jesus..that right decisions be made, resources are available and that there would be a return to "true education" not agendas of indoctrination!

Lisa Nolland, Avon

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Dear Lord, Please keep giving the Administration the wisdom it needs in these crazy times, bring good out of bad and greater good out of greater bad! In the name of Jesus, Amen